• Center Parcs: <strong>UK Website Re-design</strong>

    Center Parcs: UK Website Re-design

  • Cadbury: <strong>Magical Elves Website</strong>

    Cadbury: Magical Elves Website

  • Nido Student Living: <strong>Global Website</strong>

    Nido Student Living: Global Website

  • The Open University: <strong>Kitchen Konundrum Viral Game & Campaign</strong>

    The Open University: Kitchen Konundrum Viral Game & Campaign

  • Clarityn: <strong>Website</strong>

    Clarityn: Website

  • Business Link: <strong>Extranet</strong>

    Business Link: Extranet

What I do…

I'm Tammy, a Cambridge based Senior Digital Creative with a passion for screen based design, producing engaging and effective user experiences and bringing digital marketing campaigns to life. I design websites, email marketing, advertising campaigns, mobile and touchscreen applications. The work in my portfolio is a mixture of freelance projects and designs produced in my agency roles.